General MacOS X Info
Mac Software Collections
MacOS X Interface
  • Script Menu – A handy AppleScript menu
  • Drag Thing – Dock alternative; restore Trash to desktop
  • TinkerTool – Customize Finder settings from the GUI instead of the CLI
  • Jumpcut – Clipboard buffering/history (Open Source)
  • Path Finder (SNAX) – MacOS X Finder Pro?
  • Drop Drawers – App’s, URL’s and clippings at your fingertips
  • ASM – Adds an Application Switcher Menu to the right side of the MacOS X menu bar
  • piPop – Restores Apple Menu functionality sans menu (RealBasic app)
  • ResExcellence MacOS X Modifications – A page of many UI mods, tricks, hacks, etc.
  • Quitling – Kill, launch, or relaunch processes from menu bar
  • WindowShade X – Brings classic WindowShade functionality to MacOS X. Note: Use with caution; some have reported system–wide problems after using this product.
MacOS X Utilities
  • DiskWarrior – Everybody should have this disk utility
  • Disk Inventory X – Shows sizes of files and folders in graphical “treemaps”
  • PrefEdit – Inspect and edit preference settings for Mac OS X applications
  • HexEdit – Inspect and edit binary files
  • OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL and TCP Flow Recorder – Tips and instructions for installing these under MacOS X
  • Cyclone – Character set text converter (useful for web development, among other things)
  • BurnX Free – Burn CD's with multiple sessions – Freeware
  • Note: Rest of section largely obsolete since Tiger (10.4)
  • Patchburn – Allows MacOS X to burn with many third-party DVD or CD writers
  • SCSI CD-RW Helper – Allows MacOS X to use many SCSI CD–RW drives
  • CronniX – A GUI cron front-end
  • Skelton Key – Allows Apps to be run as root
  • BatChmod – A GUI chown, chgrp, chmod, and it can Force Empty the Trash too; obsolete since Jaguar?
  • Finder Fix – Hacking OS 9 Finder to run under MacOS X
MacOS X Web Browsers
Audio/Visual Software
  • Audio In – Great little App to capture audio input
  • Audio Hijack, Detour, et al – Useful MacOS X sound redirection tools
  • xACT – GUI front-end to Shorten, shntool, monkey's audio compressor,flac and cdda2wav (with paranoia support)
  • Flip4Mac – Play Windoze Media files (.wma and .wmv) in QuickTime Player or in a web browser


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